sister tank

by ooze

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released May 5, 2012



all rights reserved


Ooze Trieste, Italy

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Track Name: clogged veins
They've cut bridges with you
Sitting on their chair
With greasy fingers
They eat, they fat

Pigs roll in the dirt extending hands
Pretending to be clean

Handshakes and smiles that hide
The greed of what they're made of
Signing death sentences
Worshipping gold

Selling out
On your way
Straight to hell
Your soul is burning

We give you food to make you die

Slowly become clogged veins
Track Name: the past is caging us
Breathing heavily
lights fade out

Stuck in our reflection
Haunted by our own sins
Every kindness holds an evil truth within

Our sore in shade
Our life, long pain
We are sentenced because

The past is caging us
The past is chasing us

Lack of trust
We're all traitors
We're all liers
Self condemned
Track Name: sister tank
Sister Tank
Bring your Redemption
With the Hands
Full of holy granades

Trails of blood on your beads
Not a chance to repent
But today it's just a mess
To reach out the believers

You punish the wicked
In the name of the lord
Say a prayer with your rifle
Then aim for the balls

Tell me sister who'll be the next one
To suffer the wrath of your god
Track Name: worthless
Priceless advices run from your rotten mouth
You give the blame to justify your ineptitude
Alter the truth and pretend to avoid the judgement
Your fear and ignorance fuel an embarassing hate

Worthless scum

Futile coward
Futile existence
Track Name: shrine
Collapsing grounds tidal waves
Earthquakes swallow remaining forms of civility
People run from locusts hunting their miserable preys

In a lake of blood the shrine of bones with a cross of skulls
Emerge from the depths to put an end to this unashamed humanity

Hail to cleansing fire