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by ooze

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released April 1, 2014

Antonio (bass)
Andrea (vocals)
Stefano (drum)
Sirio (guitar)
all songs and lyrics by ooze, recorded and mixed in November 2012 by Enrico Baraldi, mastered by James Plotkin



all rights reserved


Ooze Trieste, Italy

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Track Name: thankless life
The rope
is getting tighter
around the neck
breath becomes weaker
as the sight
slowly gets blurrier

The overwhelming shadow of the wage slavery
Everyday struggle to not being swallowed in

Many have already drowned
In the mud of their broken hourglasses
Track Name: night gastric reflux
Wake up panic takes hold fast and
You're suffocating under retching
Sketched of bile on the pillow
Call for help without making sound

Arrange, pray, try to be calm
This could be the last of your thoughts

Your forehead rests on the toilet
Everything is ending
You're alive to tell the tale
You only have fear of falling asleep
Track Name: worthless
Priceless advices run from your rotten mouth
Give the blame to justify your ineptitude
Alter the truth and pretend to avoid the judgement
Your fear and ignorance fuel an embarassing hate

Worthless scum

Futile coward
Futile existence
Track Name: the smoke told me how
It was 2:00 AM when I met you
The fog was dense and your thoughts were foggy
The booze had already taken control
And everything was about to begin

"Let's have a walk" I said "So we can talk"
"You're friends will be fine, and I've got what you need"
You smiled with malice unaware of your doom
This night the moonlight will be blinding
We walked the alleys where the lights become ghosts
Weed smoke began to fill the air
Your laughter grew so louder, as you looked up in the sky,
that you couldn't hear my knife running to your throat

Goddamn you looked wonderful that night
Track Name: experience the hatred
Corrosion of the blood
Nerves and schizophrenia
Justify the pain
Follow the plan

Waiting for the noise blinded witnesses
Building your castle on a cemetery
Your ghosts now are hunting you
Experience the hatred
Life without belief
Eating without hunger
Crying without tears

Blind....to every....single glimmer... of hope

Aging in frustration
Dead end for salvation
Track Name: dope visions
I've been serving this time for way too long
Maybe I missed when, but I died

Creatures of the devil cast on me their shadow

I see them while all the others are consuming themselves
And I remain all alone
I ease the void as I puff my pipe
Relief or confusion?
who's on the other side of the mirror?
maybe I'm the reflection trapped inside

Bums and thieves, they're sincere. Corrode the walls of Sodom

Drink the blood of these pigs, dressed in party clothes
Is hell already too full?
Or as I believe

Its lands are already touching my feet
Track Name: shrine
Collapsing grounds tidal waves
Earthquakes swallow remaining forms of civility
People run from locusts hunting their miserable preys

In a lake of blood the shrine of bones with a cross of skulls
Emerges from the depths to put an end to this unashamed humanity

Hail to cleansing fire
Track Name: row to the guilliottine
Blinded by envy and lust
We live this endless orgy
Spoiled souls that lost their way
Roaming on the trails of the dead

We all sing this euology
For all of you that won't be missed

I never wanted it to happen
But now I want to hear call many names
Along the row to the guillotine
Waiting for your final bow

And I want to see many castles crumble
While I'll leave this all behind me
The time for hate has come
Charity here is just a memory
Completely desensitized